Sorghum or Jowar Bhakarwadi

Discover the irresistible fusion of flavors with our Sorghum (Jowar) Bakarwadi recipe. Crunchy spirals filled with nutritious sorghum and tantalizing spices. A gluten-free twist on a classic snack. Perfectly savory, utterly delicious.

By Surekha Pendse
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Sorghum or Jowar Bakarwadi


Pepper - 10 g,
sugar – 40 g,
sesame – 50g,
aniseed– 8 g,
cumin – 25 g,
almond – 10g,
coriander – 50 g,  - 15 g,
salt – 15 g,
chilli powder – 30g,
poppy seed powder - 10g,
chat masala – 8 g;
blackgram dal - 50 g;
sorghum flour– 50 g,
bengal gram flour – 50 g,
wheat flour – 60 g,
oil for frying and water –as required.

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Preparation Method:

Prepare masala for bhakarwadi by mixing all the ingredients.

Mix all the flours with water and add oil and knead till dough consistency and make small balls. Roll the small balls into and round shapes and put the bhakarwadi masala onto the round shape. Roll inward and cut the roll into small pieces. Fry the small rolls in oil until golden colour appears.  This can be consumed as an evening snack.

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Use Our Jowar or Sorghum Atta for the Bhakarwadi

Jowar Atta
Jowar or Sorghum Atta