Winterproof Your Diet - 5 Essential Foods for the Season

From adding honey to your teacup to sprinkling berries on your cereal, here are some easy ways – backed by recently published studies – to boost your immunity by eating clean, and to elevate your mood

By Ritika Basu
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Boost Your Health This Winter Without the Flu Shot

Winter's charm can fade fast when you're battling a cold or contemplating a flu jab. Have colds dethroned the joy of snow? It needn’t be this harsh. Research suggests a plethora of ways to keep fit during the chill, sidestepping needles and over-the-counter cold remedies. From honey-infused teas to berry-topped breakfasts, here's a list based on recent studies to enhance immunity and uplift your spirits, readying you for some winter fun.

  1. Sweeten with Honey: Perhaps there's wisdom in Winnie the Pooh's favorite treat. Israeli researchers have indicated that honey could be a wholesome remedy for nighttime coughs. While the study centered on respiratory infections in children, the results suggest honey as a viable cough syrup alternative for anyone above one year. As a clean eating essential, incorporate a spoonful without fretting much about its minimal calorie content.

  2. Choc it Up: Cold can spike blood pressure due to vasoconstriction, raising potential heart risks, like during snow shoveling. An answer? A comforting cocoa drink. Australian scientists, analyzing a decade's worth of data, found consistent flavanol-rich chocolate consumption can mildly reduce blood pressure. Though a precise amount wasn't specified, moderation in consuming such cocoa products is advised.

  3. The Power of Acai: The exotic acai berry, predominantly from Brazil, emerges as a champion against oxidative stress, especially from a winter-weakened immunity. Studies published in Experimental Gerontology reveal acai's superiority over some other supplements in enhancing life quality and longevity.

  4. Diversify Your Plate: It seems the variety does spice up your veggie intake. Research in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics indicates consuming a medley of veggies leads to a higher total intake. Enrolling in a local CSA program can ensure a diverse vegetable intake even during colder months.

  5. Bask in Edible Sunrays: Winter can strain mental well-being, but relief might be as close as your fridge. Studies presented at a 2012 American Chemical Society meeting uncovered mood-lifting compounds in berries, comparable to some mood-stabilizing drugs. If off-season, frozen berries serve the purpose.

Beyond a tranquil mind, meditation couples with exercise to deliver a potent health duo. Research involving adults demonstrated those engaging in regular exercise and meditation are less prone to respiratory infections than inactive counterparts. Notably, such active participants reported fewer sick days. This winter, perhaps invest in a snug meditation spot or fitness gear, rather than cold remedies.

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