17 Ways to Include Sorghum (Jowar) In Your Daily Diet

Discover 17 creative ways to incorporate sorghum (jowar) into your daily meals. From hearty porridge and gluten-free baked goods to nutritious salads and energy-boosting snacks, elevate your diet with this versatile and nutrient-rich whole grain.

By Surekha Pendse
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Ways  to Include Sorghum (Jowar) In Your Daily Diet

Sorghum, also referred to as jowar, is a healthy whole grain that is free of gluten and can make a wonderful addition to your diet. It is a versatile ingredient because it is high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Here are some suggestions for incorporating sorghum into your diet:

Sorghum Porridge: To make a filling and nutrient-rich porridge, cook sorghum grains in milk or water. Add fruits, nuts, and honey drizzle on top for flavor.

Sorghum Flour: You can make gluten-free bread, muffins, pancakes, and waffles with sorghum flour. In many recipes, sorghum flour can be used in place of wheat flour.

Sorghum Salad: To make a wholesome and filling salad, cook the sorghum and combine it with fresh vegetables, herbs, and a light dressing.

Sorghum Stir-Fry: Use sorghum as the main ingredient in a stir-fry. Include a tasty sauce, lean protein (such as chicken, tofu, or shrimp), and your preferred vegetables.

Sorghum Bowl: A sorghum bowl can be used to make a balanced meal. Sorghum that has been cooked should be combined with roasted or sautéed vegetables, a protein source, and a healthy sauce or dressing.

Sorghum Laddus: Sorghum laddus are a delicious and healthy Indian sweet treat made from a combination of sorghum flour, nuts, and jaggery. These energizing laddus are a delicious dessert or snack choice.

Sorghum Noodles: Sorghum noodles, a gluten-free substitute, give traditional pasta a wholesome makeover. They provide a healthy foundation for your preferred noodle dishes and are loaded with minerals and fiber.

Sorghum cookies: Sorghum cookies are a delicious gluten-free treat made with nutty sorghum flour. a healthy treat that meets both dietary requirements and taste buds.

Sorghum Idli: Sorghum is transformed into a steamed, gooey treat in the South Indian specialty known as sorghum idli. Traditional breakfasts are given a healthy twist by these gluten-free idlis.

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Sorghum Treats: Sorghum grains can be popped like popcorn and eaten as a wholesome treat. To give them more flavor, you can season them with various spices.

Sorghum Soups: To increase the nutritional value and add a satisfying chewy texture to soups and stews, add cooked sorghum. 

Sorghum Pilaf: To make sorghum pilaf, sauté sorghum with pungent vegetables like onions and garlic before adding broth and simmering. Augment it with herbs and seasoning for additional flavours.

Sorghum Breakfast Cereal: For a filling and healthy breakfast, combine cooked sorghum with your preferred milk or yogurt, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Smoothie with cooked sorghum: To add texture and nutrients to your smoothies, blend in some cooked sorghum. It's a great way to increase the filling power of your smoothies.

Sorghum Energy Bars: To make your own energy bars, combine sorghum with nut butter, seeds, honey, and dried fruits. Cut the mixture into bars after pressing it into a pan and chilling.

Sorghum Risotto: Use sorghum in place of rice to give risotto a distinctive twist. For a hearty dish, cook it with broth, vegetables, and your preferred protein.

Sorghum Roti or Bhakri: Sorghum Roti, also known as bhakri, is a popular and nutritious flatbread made from sorghum flour. It's a staple in many Indian households and can be a great addition to your diet.

To get rid of any dirt or debris, remember to rinse the sorghum before cooking. Sorghum can be prepared similarly to rice by simmering it for about 3 cups of water or broth for every cup of dry sorghum until the grains are tender but not mushy. Sorghum can be a wonderful addition to your daily diet in a variety of inventive and delectable ways thanks to its versatility and myriad health benefits.

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