5 Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

Dried fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is also high in phenolic antioxidants, which have numerous health benefits. Whether you're looking for a quick energy boost or a tasty way to stay healthy, dry fruits are a great option.

By Ritika Basu
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Health Benefits of Dry Fruits

Dry fruit as its name suggests is the dried version of different types of fruit which have been synthetically or naturally dried. While raisins are the most common, dates, prunes and apricots are equally popular. Nuts, specially those having a single edible seed with a hard, inedible outer shell are also classified as a fruit. The most popular nuts under dry fruits are cashews, watnuts, almonds and pistachios.

Health Benefits: Dry fruits are also classified as Superfoods (a term used for food items which are superior to other food items when compared in their nutritional value). So even small portions of a superfood can supply abundant nutrition in form of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

1. Source of antioxidants: Dry fruits are rich in which may be associated with health benefits such as improved blood flow and a lower risk of certain diseases, including heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

2. Rich source of micronutrients

As dried fruit contains less water, they are a more concentrated source of vitamins and minerals when compared to their fresh counterparts. Also because of their natural sweetness, it is a good substitute for sugar cravings. However, it’s worth remembering that they are also significantly higher in calories per 100g.

3. Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: Scientific studies have demonstrated that nut consumption has a cholesterol-lowering effect. Nuts are low in sodium, which has been related to a lower risk of hypertension and is thereby also associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. Weight Management: Nuts not only offer nutritional benefits, but may help to control body weight if taken in moderation. While nuts have a high energy content, several studies found that long term daily nut consumption is associated with lower weight gain. 

5. Gastrointestinal Function: Dried fruits have a direct effect on gastrointestinal function. In 2013, prunes were granted a specific EU health claim for their contribution to digestive health. Eating 100 g of prunes (3.5 oz, 8-12 pieces) daily promotes good digestive health and provides more than 19% of the daily recommended intake of fiber.

Here are some of the dry fruits you should include in your diet to stay healthy

Kashmiri Walnut Kernels: Walnuts are high in protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils, and have been regarded as brain-food through the ages.

Kashmiri Mamra Almonds: Kashmiri Mamra Almonds are an abundant source of nutrients, vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and riboflavin including protein and fibre.

Black Raisins: Black raisins are packed with energy and are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Raisins are naturally sweet and high in sugar and calories, but they're beneficial to our health when eaten in moderation.

Raisins: Raisins contain healthy vitamins and minerals. They are also fat-free and cholesterol-free, high in antioxidants, and an excellent source of fibre

Sun Dried Apricots: These Apricots are very nutritious, low in calories, and contain antioxidants and many essential vitamins & minerals that build up the immune system. They keep bones healthy and help in maintaining good vision.

Sun Dried Figs: While you could savour flavorful figs as a snack or in your favourite recipes, dried figs are an excellent source of dietary fibre that helps in weight management.

Trail Mix: Trail mix is considered an ideal and healthy snack for hunger pangs. Lightweight, easy to store and nutritious, it provides a quick energy boost from the carbohydrates in the dried fruit, and sustained energy from fats in nuts.

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